Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm going thru changes.
I see my beautiful boys growing, and changing. They've come sooo far since my Mom has come to join us.
1) Diagnosis for Corban.
2) Work my way into home made foods.
3) Keep myself busy, and work hard on my home on a daily basis.
4) Potty Training for BOTH boys.
5) Doing whatever I can to enchourage talking from my boys.
6) Make the time for the gym. That means volenteer work, and actually working out.
7) Accepting Physical Therepy for myself.
8) Move us. Do my best to land in our new town with $1000.00 or more in our pockets.
9) Accept the idea of baby #3, and try to quit smoking in preparation for it.
10) Last, but not least, WRITE DOWN things about my boys, their daily life, behavior, and goals met, as well as just writing for myself.

Those are my resolutions.
My children are soo precious to me, and I'm afriad of making the wrong choice, but I can't help but to use my insinct with them. I have come to see that going by insinct has been amazing for me and them. I'm soo very glad we made the choice to have Mom with us. Havenig that extra adult has made life incredibly easy in comparison to what it was. I'd do it all again. I have no regrets, and wouldn't change a thing. My choices have made me who I am, and how my family is, and I LOVE my life.
Can I wish that Corban didn't have struggles? Maybe. But these struggles are going to help him become the MAN he will be some day, and the life he builds for his own family. Not only will it help mold Corban, but Caleb as well. The life they have now as children are going to help them be the adults they will be.
Happy New Year all, even tho it's late.

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Dimple said...

Hi Julie,
I hope you accomplished your resolutions on this list. Thanks for commenting on the spider: your original comment was what prompted me to finally get some good shots of it!